Gymmix Falun is a certified Gymmix-association and one of approximately 1100 non-profit gymnastics associations in Sweden, associated to the national gymnastics organization Svenska Gymnastikförbundet.

Gymmix is a registered trademark for quality secured group exercise classes. This also includes the organization’s group exercise educations. Gymmix stands for quality in all areas - education, instructors, products and work material.


Gymmix idea is to offer a broad range of group exercise classes, at a low cost for each member. This is successfully managed as our economy and operation are non-profit, and financed only by membership- and training fees. Our ambition is to provide easily accessible, safe, efficient and allround keep-fit exercise for all ages, as well as an overall positive and joyous training experience in a friendly and undemanding environment.

Gymmix Falun operation is based in Falun, in centrally situated exercise halls. Our operation and administration are managed by the committee members and the instructors, as we have no employees. Our headquarter is located at Innovitaskolan, Seminariegatan 3 in Falun.


We are group training specialists and our exercise classes are based upon thoroughly thought-out exercise programs, motivating music and well educated instructors. Gymmix offer exercise classes suitable for all ages from new beginners to more demanding members.

Gymmix exercise classes are available in different intensities and with different difficulty levels of choreography. There are classes focusing mainly on strength- or cardio training, traning with barbells and/or other equipment etc.
Most classes are based on warm up and mobility training to care for the joints and ligaments and to avoid the risk of injury during exercise, cardiovascular training for heart, lungs and blood vessels, strength training for the entire body, that uses large muscle groups, slow down/stretching to enhance flexibility and to avoid the risk of muscular stiffness.


We want everybody to have fun, feel good and enjoy themselves exercising with Gymmix! To achieve that we give our instructors great freedom in expressing their unique personality and add their special touch to the exercise in terms of selecting music and creating movements, but of course without influencing the basic safety, allroundness and intensity intended for each exercise class.

The instructors are well educated by the education team at Gymnastikförbundet. They provide high quality basic- and supplementary courses in different steps for the instructors. After completed courses and approved practical and theoretical examinations, the instructor will receive a diploma and has also the possibility to continue to a higher form of certification, by passing additional examinations and tests, both practical and theoretical. The instructors are continuously educated and inspired by joining conventions, inspirational courses and theme days.
The instructors are also educated in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).


Doing strength- and cardio exercise on a regular basis will improve your heart rate, your body condition and your state of mind. It will condition your lungs, help you use oxygen more efficiently and reduce stress. It helps relax tense muscles and it increases the body’s production of endorphins (a natural sedative) and catecholamines (chemical substances that help stabilize moods). So...exercising can make you feel happy and satisfied!

Presentation of Gymmix classes as follows:

In this workout class we are focusing on cardio and endurance, as well as strength exercises. We are working out in repeated intervals; 1 minute work followed by 15 seconds rest. You will get a step up board and a barbell with adjustable weights, to use throughout the class. We are using the workout equipment to perform exercises in order to increase the pulse and heart rate and to work all major muscle groups of the entire body. Uplifting music will inspire and help to motivate you through the workout. The intensity and training stimulus can easily be adapted to your personal preference.


In this Core class we focus on functional strength training of the deeper muscle layers in the body. When the large back- and abdominal muscle groups and other muscle interaction are worked simultaneously, it strengthens the stability of the torso. With a mix of simple and more complex exercises, core training will improve your strength, balance and body posture, and can help prevent back problems and make our everyday life easier.
We will focus on strength training exercises in dynamic paces, as well as stabilizing exercises which are more statically challenging. Some exercises will involve the external abdominal muscle layers, whereas others will challenge the internal balancing ability, e.g. the core strength exercise "the plank".


Workout for seniors is an allround exercise class for persons who are a little older or not so used to working out. We are focusing on cardio- and functional strength training, improving muscle strength and muscle mass, stability, body posture, mobility, balance and coordination. There is no running or jumping.
Classical group training with rhythmic and effective exercises using the body and music as our "training equipment". You will also meet nice instructors and fellow participants, making your workout more enjoyable and fun!
Research shows that the effect of training for elderly people is significant. It is never too late to start working out and regardless of your age, the physical trainability remains. Working out regularly will make your muscles stronger and apart from delaying the effects of ageing, well trained muscles can help reduce stress and lower the risk of developing mood disorders and Alzheimers disease.


Intermediate gympa is cardio- and strength training at a medium intensity level, and is an allround exercise class for those with some experience of exercising who want to build up a good physical condition. Classical group training with rhythmic and effective exercises using the body and music as our "training equipment". Jumping and running are part of the cardio workout. Functional strength training exercises at intermediate intensity, that will increase muscular strength of the entire body and enhance mobility, balance, coordination and stability.


Intensive gympa is a high intensity allround exercise class for those who exercise on a regular basis and want to build up a good physical condition. Classical group training with rhythmic and effective exercises using the body and music as our "training equipment". High intensity cardio workout with plenty of running and jumping. Challenging strength training with functional exercises that will increase muscular strength of the entire body and enhance mobility, balance, coordination and stability.


Gymmix circuit training is a classical and functional training concept, focusing mainly on strength exercises. This class is based on strength- and cardiotraining in intervals at different stations. We use our own body weights, dumbbells, barbells and other workout supplies to create the exercises. Simple and traditional exercises with low demands regarding coordination ability and sense of rhythm. The different workout stations are repeated with a short recovery break between each station. It is easy to adapt exercises and intensity according to personal wishes.


A challenging weight training class using barbells with adjustable weights to work every major muscle group in the body. A great workout for muscular strength, cardio and endurance. The weight of the barbells can be chosen and therefore new beginners and advanced members can participate simultaneously. With motivating music and carefully prepared exercises, barbell workout is a physical and mental challenge for everyone.